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Acrylic Blackbird Necklace


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This cute Blackbird necklace by I am Acrylic is ideal for those who love clean and simple designs. Each item is arduously hand cut by fret saw.

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Brendan Fan & Ruth Williams are the designers behind I Am Acrylic, the innovative duo are inspired by rural landscapes and childhood memories.

Every item is meticulously handmade in Spitalfields, hand cutting every component on their fretsaw Brendan and Ruth do not use any laser cutting, before manually finishing each piece to their exacting standards.

Why RAted? The high level of craftsman ship and attention to detail demonstrated by Brendan and Ruth, combined with their treatment of familiar scenes in a stylized contemporary manner make for highly engaging and collectable collection.
  • Dimensions - BIRD 3CM, CHAIN 60CM
  • Material - ACRYLIC
  • SKU - 02081934

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Acrylic Blackbird NecklaceAcrylic Blackbird Necklace
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