14 Card Postcard Pack Dali/Duchamp


14 Card Postcard Pack Dali/Duchamp

This pack of 14 postcards reflects the astounding assemblage of works displayed in the RA's Dalí / Duchamp exhibition.

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This pack contains 16 postcards of work displayed in the Dalí / Duchamp exhibition:

Bicycle Wheel, 1913, by Marcel Duchamp
A Paragon of Beauty, 'Dalí's Mustache', 1953-54, by Philippe Halsman
L.H.O.O.Q, 1919, by Marcel Duchamp
Cubist Self-portrait, 1923, by Salvador Dalí
The First Days of Spring, 1929, by Salvador Dalí
Fountain, 1917, by Marcel Duchamp
Lobster Telephone, 1938, by Salvador Dalí with the collaboration of Edward James
The King and Queen Surrounded by
Swift Nudes
, 1912, by Marcel Duchamp
Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach, 1938, by Salvador Dalí
Still-life – Fast Moving (Nature Morte Vivante), 1956, by Salvador Dalí
Morceaux choisis d'après Courbet, 1968, by Marcel Duchamp
Surrealist Object Functioning Symbolically - Gala's Shoe, 1931, by Salvador Dalí
Book cover design for Young Cherry Trees Secured Against Hares by André Breton, 1946, by Marcel Duchamp
Exploding Raphaelesque Head, 1951, by Salvador Dalí
  • Dimensions - 148 x 105 x 5mm
  • Material - 330gsm paper
  • SKU - 02086517

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