The Human Figure - Fashion
Our range of Homeware and art materials inspired by the full colour spectrum as detailed in Moses Harris' 1785 Colour Wheel. ‘The Natural System of Colours, Wherein is displayed the regular and beautiful Order and Arrangement, Arising from the Three Primatives, Red, Blue and Yellow’.
  1. Shoelaces Lilac
    Shoelaces Lilac
  2. Mohair Prismatic Throw
    Mohair Prismatic Throw
  3. Watercolour Disc Set
    Watercolour Disc Set
  4. John Pawson Spectrum
    Spectrum by John Pawson
    No longer available
  5. Exercise Book Prismatic A6
    Exercise Book Prismatic A6
    No longer available
  6. Abstract Popper Purse Pink
    Abstract Popper Purse Pink
    No longer available
  7. Abstract Popper Purse Blue
    Abstract Popper Purse Blue
    No longer available
  8. Magic Crayons set of 6
    Magic Crayons set of 6