Beach Bar Blue Drinks, by Isabel Rock

Rock’s imagery, rich with original narrative and fantastical creatures, is heavily influenced by fairy tales and mythology.

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Artwork details

Colour Blue/Multicolour
Dimensions 30 x 40cm
Fabric & material Acrylic
Unique work
Medium Drawing

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Artwork description

In Rock’s own words:

‘Fairy tales and mythology feature heavily in my work. I like taking bits and mixing them up with contemporary ideas about feminism or socialism and creating a new narrative that is visually arresting. I love a surreal narrative that takes the viewer into a different world. I read a lot and this definitely influences my drawings. I enjoy Iris Murdoch, George Orwell, Doris Lessing and Christina Rossetti; writers who are able to describe the human experience in such realistic detail and the metaphysical bonds that tie us together. I think all their stories get absorbed and jumbled up to come out in my imagery. The giant tortoises represent an alternative story of creation combining ideas on worship, sexuality and feminism’.

This work is unique.