Chris Orr - The Making Of Things


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Chris Orr - The Making Of Things

Chris Orr's acute eye finds in the everyday the surreal comedy of human life. This beautifully illustrated volume with over 160 images provides an insight into his topsy turvy world where the bizarre greets the reader round every corner

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The virtuosic works of Chris Orr MBE RA revel in the surreal comedy of human life, juxtaposing the everyday and the extraordinary with playful humour and an acute eye for detail. In Chris Orr: The Making of Things the artist along with cultural historian Robert Hewison explore the influences that have shaped Orr's work and examine his significant contribution as an artist and teacher. Illustrated with works from his whole career, and with a foreword by long-time friend and collector Michael Palin, this book offers an insightful portrait of one of Britians most influential artist printmakers. Michael Palin - "One thing this book reminds me most forcibly is how prolific Chris has been. His appetite for looking at the world seems never to have diminished. There's always something new to be looked at and experienced and digested and made sense of."

  • Dimensions - 27.6 x 26.6 x 2.6 cm
  • Material - Hardback
  • SKU - 02080673
  • ISBN - 9781907533372

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