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The safety of our visitors, friends and all who work with us at the RA is our highest priority. In line with the advice from Public Health England, the RA is closed temporarily; we have now taken the further decision to close our online shop in the short term, and to minimise non-essential activity.

We will be in touch once online shopping is available again, and are using the opportunity to improve the site and online experience we offer: we promise it will be better than ever! Meanwhile, if you have a query about an existing order, please contact us.

Whilst the front doors of the RA are closed, and for the time being the online shop, we will continue to offer creative inspiration to enjoy from home, and new ways of connecting. Visit us at Royal Academy of Arts, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Rings & Earrings

Add a little touch of artistry to your outfit with our rings and earrings, including designs from Royal Academicians.

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  1. Horn Circle Earring
    Horn Circle Earring
  2. Circular Glass Earrings
    Circular Glass Earrings
  3. Crinkled Long Earrings
    Crinkled Long Earrings
  4. Horn Square
    Horn Square
  5. Short Stacked Glass Earrings
    Short Stacked Glass Earrings
  6. Piba Earrings in Rich Mix
    Piba Earrings in Rich Mix
  7. Long Rectangle Horn Earring
    Long Rectangle Horn Earring
  8. Long Stacked Glass Earrings
    Long Stacked Glass Earrings
  9. Wood Hoop Earring
    Wood Hoop Earring
  10. Hand Patina Earrings
    Hand Patina Earrings
  11. Stacked Glass Ring
    Stacked Glass Ring
  12. Kaare Earrings
    Kaare Earings
  13. Seven Charm Pearl Mix
    Seven Charm Pearl Mix
  14. Cube Glass Ring
    Cube Glass Ring
  15. Glass Sphere Ring
    Glass Sphere Ring
  16. Six Charm Drop Mix Earrings
    Six Charm Drop Mix Earrings
  17. Earrings Cornet
    Earrings Cornet
  18. Blues Ball Hoop Earring
    Blues Ball Hoop Earring
  19. Black and Black Spot Ring
    Black and Black Spot Ring
  20. Portrait Ring
    Portrait Ring
  21. Hoop Glass Earrings
    Hoop Glass Earrings
  22. Detachable Drop Earrings
    Detachable Drop Earrings
  23. Earrings Tear Suede
    Earrings Tear Suede
  24. Small Piece Earrings
    Small Piece Earrings
  25. Ring Moon Large
    Ring Moon Large
  26. Earrings Spiral Large
    Earrings Spiral Large
  27. Blue Raffia Plate Earring
    Blue Raffia Plate Earring
  28. 3D Printed Red Ring
    3D Printed Red Ring
  29. Medium Raff Hoop Earrings
    Medium Raff Hoop Earrings
  30. Ring Buddha Visage
    Ring Buddha Visage
  31. Long Fireworks Earring
    Long Fireworks Earring
  32. Earring Faces
    Earring Faces
  33. Large Fuji Earrings
    Large Fuji Earrings
  34. Large Alpaca and Rose Ring
    Large Alpaca and Rose Ring
  35. Ring Woman in Profile
    Ring Woman in Profile
  36. Gold Knot Ring
    Gold Knot Ring
  37. 3D Printed White Ring
    3D Printed White Ring
  38. Earring Corrugated Circles
    Earring Corrugated Circles
  39. Cherub Ring
    Cherub Ring
  40. Wire Outline Ring - Medium
    Wire Outline Ring - Medium
  41. 3D Printed Blue Ring
    3D Printed Blue Ring
  42. Earring Bronze Circles
    Earring Bronze Circles
  43. Hand Hook Earrings
    Hand Hook Earrings
  44. Ring Goddess Standing
    Ring Goddess Standing
  45. Wire Outline Ring - Large
    Wire Outline Ring - Large
  46. 3D Printed Black Ring
    3D Printed Black Ring
  47. Earring Quilled Peacock
    Earring Quilled Peacock
  48. Mae West Earrings
    Mae West Earrings
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Items 1-72 of 102

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Set Descending Direction