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This handsome book brings together the graphic works of Joe Tilson. Refusing the traditional boundaries of printmaking, they often include found objects or newspaper cuttings, fusing a cubist approach with his Pop sensibility. His more recent prints mix silkscreen, woodcut and etching to produce radiant matrices of rich colour, in which are embedded butterflies, birds and objects loaded with symbolic meaning..

Lavishly illustrated, the book confirms Tilson's reputation as one of the most innovative and exciting of contemporary artists.
By Enzo Di Martino with a preface by Philip Ryland. 215 pages with 200 illustrations, 30x24.5cm.
  • Dimensions - 24.1 x 2.3 x 29.7 cm
  • Material - N/A
  • SKU - 02078105
  • ISBN - 9781905711826

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