Paulina and Fran

Paulina and Fran have a tempestuous relationship. Follow them as they become intensely close friends, then enemies. The idyllic days of art school soon become the increasingly disappointing adult world. Discover how their story unfolds in this witty tale of female friendship. This product has been discontinued. See the Related Products below or email and we can suggest something similar which you may also like.
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Dimensions 12.7 x 19.8cm
Fabric & material Paperback
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This book has been selected and reviewed by Michael Prodger for the RA Magazine: Issue 131 Summer 2016.

Paulina and Fran meet at art school, become friends, dream of genius, fall out. The writing in this novel is sassy: 'Why did you come to art school if you don't make art?' Paulina is asked. 'For the memories.' And indeed this coming-of-age story of intense relationships, oddball wannabe artists and shifting allegiances is full of scenes that stick in the mind, all fuelled by fast-talking characters who mix the naive with the knowing.