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Inspired by a hand-coloured etching of a 'Prismatic', one of the treasures of the RA Library, this colourful range presents homeware and accessories in a spectrum of shades.

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  1. Brief Lessons In Creativity
    Brief Lessons In Creativity
  2. Art Critic As Artist
    Art Critic As Artist
  3. The Art Of Noticing
    The Art Of Noticing
  4. Werners Nomenclature
    Werners Nomenclature
  5. Prismatic Umbrella
    Prismatic Umbrella
  6. Watercolour Disc Set
    Watercolour Disc Set
  7. Sketchbook A4 Turner Paint
    Sketchbook A4 Turner Paint
  8. Sketchbook A5 Turner Paint
    Sketchbook A5 Turner Paint
  9. Mohair Prismatic Throw
    Mohair Prismatic Throw
  10. Art Soap Box
    Art Soap Box
  11. GC Prismatic Moses Harris
    GC Prismatic Moses Harris
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13 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction