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Spotlight Exhibition: Picasso and Paper

Picasso and Paper

Pablo Picasso rewrote the rules of painting, but he also tore up the rulebook for paper. Our exhibition collection features a variety of reproductions of Picasso’s works on paper. Including postcards, prints, posters and beautifully illustrated catalogue. 

​Among the most covetable items in the collection are a selection of original Picasso lithographic posters from Galerie Mourlot, New York.

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  1. Scarf Los Pichones
    Scarf Los Pichones
  2. Picasso 10 Notecard Wallet
    Picasso 10 Notecard Wallet
  3. Bag Fumeur
    Bag Fumeur
  4. Framed Print Landscape
    Framed Print Landscape
  5. Bag Le Dejeuner
    Bag Le Dejeuner
  6. Tea Towel Le Dejeuner
    Tea Towel Le Dejeuner
  7. GC  Picasso Bonne fête
    GC Picasso Bonne fête
  8. Picasso The Line
    Picasso The Line
  9. Pablo Picasso Fumeur T-Shirt
    Pablo Picasso Fumeur T-Shirt
    As low as £13.00
  10. Scarf Las Meninas
    Scarf Las Meninas
  11. Salon de Mai, 1957 Framed
    Salon de Mai, 1957
  12. Picasso Stein Correspondence
    Picasso Stein Correspondence
  13. Picasso: A Biography
    Picasso: A Biography
  14. Bacchanal, 1955
    Bacchanal, 1955
  15. Picasso Art of Drawing
    Picasso Art of Drawing
  16. Biographic Picasso
    Biographic Picasso
  17. Postcard Pack Picasso x 24
    Postcard Pack Picasso x 24
  18. Mantelpiece Card Five Nudes
    Mantelpiece Card Five Nudes
  19. Picasso Guitars
    Picasso Guitars
  20. Tauromachie, La Hune, 1954
    Tauromachie, La Hune, 1954
  21. Collection de Menil, 1970 Framed
    Collection de Menil, 1970
  22. Framed Print At the Circus
    Framed Print At the Circus
  23. PC Picasso Violin
    PC Picasso Violin
  24. Papiers Collés - Dessins, 1956
    Papiers Collés - Dessins, 1956
  25. Picasso's Animals
    Picasso's Animals
  26. Apples, Glass and Knife, 1947
    Apples, Glass and Knife, 1947
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Items 1-72 of 122

per page
Set Descending Direction