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Prismatic: The Colour Wheel

Our range of Homeware and art materials inspired by the full colour spectrum as detailed in Moses Harris'  1785 Colour Wheel.

‘The Natural System of Colours, Wherein is displayed the regular and beautiful Order and Arrangement, Arising from the Three Primatives, Red, Blue and Yellow’.

Reputedly the first ever illustration of the colour spectrum in the form of a wheel, this ‘prismatic’ is one of the treasures of the RA Library. It appears in The Natural System of Colour by Moses Harris (1733-1780), a book dedicated to Sir Joshua Reynolds, the first President of the RA. It was intended to be of practical use to artists, and reflects the fundamental mission of the Academy, both then and today.

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  1. Hat Denim
    Hat Denim
    As low as £65.00
  2. Hat Green
    Hat Green
    As low as £65.00
  3. Hat Curry Orange
    Hat Curry Orange
    As low as £65.00
  4. Hat Fuschia
    Hat Fuschia
    As low as £65.00
  5. Brief Lessons In Creativity
    Brief Lessons In Creativity
  6. Art Critic As Artist
    Art Critic As Artist
  7. The Art Of Noticing
    The Art Of Noticing
  8. Werners Nomenclature
    Werners Nomenclature
  9. Silver Clipboard Frame
    Silver Clipboard Frame
  10. Triangle Photo Clips - Pink
    Triangle Photo Clips - Pink
  11. Triangle Photo Clips - Red
    Triangle Photo Clips - Red
  12. Circle Photo Clips - Grey
    Circle Photo Clips - Grey
  13. Circle Photo Clips - Blue
    Circle Photo Clips - Blue
  14. Circle Photo Clips - White
    Circle Photo Clips - White
  15. Bracelet Pleat Gold
    Bracelet Pleat Gold
  16. Bracelet Pleat Burgundy
    Bracelet Pleat Burgundy
  17. Magic Crayons set of 6
    Magic Crayons set of 6
  18. Flower Colour Guide
    Flower Colour Guide
  19. Dallas Mobile
    Dallas Mobile
  20. Grayson Perry Red Alan Toy
    Grayson Perry Red Alan Toy
  21. Paris Mobile
    Paris Mobile
  22. Turquoise Pleat Bracelet
    Turquoise Pleat Bracelet
  23. Blue Pleat Bracelet
    Blue Pleat Bracelet
  24. Silver Pleat Bracelet
    Silver Pleat Bracelet
  25. Black Pleat Bracelet
    Black Pleat Bracelet
  26. Orange Mix Pleat Necklace
    Orange Mix Pleat Necklace
  27. Pinks, Reds Pleat Necklace
    Pinks, Reds Pleat Necklace
  28. Greyscale Pleat Necklace
    Greyscale Pleat Necklace
  29. Blue Mix Pleat Necklace
    Blue Mix Pleat Necklace
  30. Sketchbook A4 Turner Paint
    Sketchbook A4 Turner Paint
  31. Sketchbook A5 Turner Paint
    Sketchbook A5 Turner Paint
  32. Watercolour Disc Set
    Watercolour Disc Set
  33. Mohair Prismatic Throw
    Mohair Prismatic Throw
  34. Art Soap Box
    Art Soap Box
  35. RA Red Tote Bag
    RA Red Tote bag
  36. Prismatic Umbrella
    Prismatic Umbrella
  37. Mini LED Book Light
    Mini LED Book Light
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44 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction