The Human Figure

For Spring 2019 we have been inspired by the human body in all its forms as it is celebrated in the RA’s Spring exhibition programme.

Products range from the beautiful to the visceral, and the humble to the exquisite.  From the materials and tools of life-drawing to sculptural plaster casts; from treatises on the principles of anatomy to contemporary studies of self-image, from simple cards and reproductions to commissions and original print editions from Royal Academicians and invited artists.

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  1. Artist's Putty Graphite
    Artist's Putty
  2. Classical Woman Bookend
    Classical Woman Bookend
  3. Nudist Bookmark Woman
    Nudist Bookmark Woman
  4. Nudist Bookmark Man
    Nudist Bookmark Man
  5. A6 Paper Pack
    A6 Paper Pack
  6. Mini Paper Pack
    Mini Paper Pack
  7. Square Block Sketchbook
    Square Block Sketchbook
  8. Hands Bowl
    Hands Bowl
  9. Kissing Clutch Small
    Kissing Clutch Small
  10. Kissing Clutch Large
    Kissing Clutch Large
  11. Academic Foot Sculpture
    Academic Foot Sculpture
  12. Hand Study Sculpture
    Hand Study Sculpture
  13. Flying Too Close To The Sun
    Flying Too Close To The Sun
  14. Graphite Stick
    Graphite Stick
  15. RA Bound Sketchbook
    RA Bound Sketchbook
  16. Graphite Pencil
    Graphite Pencil
  17. A4 Paper Pack
    A4 Paper Pack
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25 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction