Soviet Constructivist Posters Calendar 2018

This brilliant 2018 calendar uses the stunning Constructivist propaganda posters seen in Russia during the Soviet Union. Constructivism was concerned with art having a practical purpose, and these posters combined political, education and industrial messages. The strong use of fonts, typography and juxtaposition of photography makes these posters design icons which will look great on your wall all year round. This product has been discontinued. See the Related Products below or email and we can suggest something similar which you may also like.
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Dimensions 23 x 32cm
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Soviet Constructionist Posters 2018 Calendar contains the following:

* January: Woman Workers, 1933, Nataliya Pinus (1901-1986)
* February: Free Railway Society, 1933, Dmitri Bulanov (1898-1942)
* March: Let us win the drought by the Bolshevik will, 1933, V Gushchin
* April: The greening of the city is not a luxury, not a caprice, but a serious task, 1933, Grigorii Mirzoev
*May: Let us bring green plants to factories, 1932, Sergei Sen'kin (1894-1963)
* June: Visit USSR, 1930, Maxim Litvak-Maximov (1898-1944) & Robert Fedor (1899-1938)
* July: Free Railway Society, 1933, Dmitri Bulanov (1898-1942)
* August: For the socialist "foundry' of health, 1932, Vera Gitsevich (1897-1976)
* September: S.E.T. State Electro technical Trust, 1929, Unknown Artist
* October: Wash your hands after work, 1931, Semen Semenov-Menes (1895-1972)
* November: Let us reap the harvest, 1930, Dmitri Bulanov (1898-1942)
* December: Oil, 1927, Alexander Naumov (1899-1928)