The Tribal Arts Of Africa

The Tribal Arts Of Africa: Surveying Africa's Artistic Geography by Jean-Baptiste Bacquart presents a full and ambitious survey of African art from the beginning of the first millennium to the start of the twentieth century. A richly illustrated reference guide for both experienced collectors and exhibition visitors who have discovered these objects for the first time, the book thoroughly explains how African objects were almost never created as 'art for art's sake', rather these objects always related to magical or social rites - to the supernatural world - and were rarely produced by a single individual.

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No. of Pages 240
No. of Illustrations Throughout
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An extremely detailed yet accessible look at the fantastic diversity and beauty of African work...
a glimpse of Africa's creative soul

The Sunday Times

The Tribal Arts Of Africa is the only publication in any language to present an encyclopedic review of African artistic production in its historical context, from masks, statues and jewellery to furniture and textiles. The author Jean-Baptiste Bacquart is former head of Tribal Art at Sotheby's and is now a dealer and adviser for museums and international collectors.

Dividing sub-Saharan Africa into 49 cultural areas, with his belief that tribes, not countries, shape the artistic geography of Africa, Jean-Baptiste Bacquart focuses on the most important tribe of each area and the objects created before the invention of the tourist trade, with a bibliography for every section.

Regions include The Coast of West Africa, Inland West Africa, Nigeria and Cameroon, Gabon and Zair, East and South Africa and the book is completed by a glossary and lists of collections open to the public, major museums and dealers.

865 illustrations, 195 in colour.