Ian McNicol

Ian McNicol

Ian McNicol addresses landscape and colour abstract in his work, pairing keen observation with traditional techniques.

Artist profile

Ian McNicol was born in Paisley in 1965, studying architecture, technical graphics and illustration, screen-printing, lithography and relief techniques in Glasgow, eventually being seduced by the etching process.

McNicol’s addresses landscape, architecture and colour abstract in his work. He combines a solid graphic quality derived from traditional techniques – soft/hard ground, aquatint, spit-bite and multi-plate – with keen observational and drawing skills developed over three decades.

He is currently Master Printer, Etching Tutor and Technician at Glasgow Print School, working with contemporary artists such as Elizabeth Blackadder, John Byrne, Barbara Rae, and Eileen Cooper. His prints are collected and exhibited widely both in the UK and internationally, with the etching Red Versus Blue, winnning The London Original Print Fair Prize at the RA in 2015.

Ian McNicol RA Art Sales
  1. New Scottish Landscape
    Ian McNicol
    New Scottish Landscape
  2. Wee Abstract II
    Ian McNicol
    Wee Abstract II
  3. South & West V
    Ian McNicol
    South & West V