Summer at the RA
Food and Drink
3 for 2 Greetings Cards
Helene Schjerfbeck
The mesmerising work of Finnish artist Helene Schjerfbeck provides a starting point for a wider celebration of Finnish life, philosophy, art and design in the RA Shops this summer.
Félix Vallotton
The works of Félix Vallotton (1865–1925) inspire collections which celebrate the themes, ideas and the singular aesthetics of his work.
Posters and Prints
Framing Solutions
Summer at the RA
Celebrate Summer at the Royal Academy of Arts with our eclectic new collection featuring everything from beach balls and water bottles to kites and drawing chalk. Whether you are an avid foodie, lover or travel or art connoisseur there is something for you to love.
  1. Cup Bamboo Assorted
    Cup Bamboo Assorted
  2. Plate Bamboo Assorted
    Plate Bamboo Assorted
  3. Fish Dish Green
    Fish Dish Green
  4. Napkin Mediterranean
    Napkin Mediterranean
  5. Water Bottle Mint
    Water Bottle Mint
    Out of stock
  6. Marzipan Veg
    Marzipan Veg
  7. Water Bottle Coral
    Water Bottle Coral
  8. Hat Fuschia
    Hat Fuschia
RA Editions
Browse the artwork created by our RA's
  1. Ruby Tuesday
    Mali Morris RA
    Ruby Tuesday
  2. Untitled by Charlie Billingham
    Untitled by Charlie Billingham
  3. Stacks, Blue
    Tess Jaray RA
    Stacks, Blue
  4. Glasshouse in West Dean Gardens
    Olwyn Bowey RA
    Glasshouse in West Dean Gardens
  5. Rosa Solo by Eileen Cooper RA
    Eileen Cooper RA
    Rosa Solo
  6. Oleander In Homage to Vincent van Gough 2008 by Leonard McComb
    Leonard McComb RA
  7. Ice Track – Baffin Island
    Barbara Rae RA
    Ice Track – Baffin Island
Prismatic Range
Inspired by one of the treasures of the RA Library, let our colourful 'Prismatic' range brighten up your summer
  1. Hat Fuschia
    Hat Fuschia
  2. Hat Curry Orange
    Hat Curry Orange
  3. Hat Green
    Hat Green
  4. Hat Denim
    Hat Denim