Paul Huxley RA

Paul Huxley RA

Paul Huxley RA creates a play between abstract form and language with his carefully composed paintings.

Artist profile

Paul Huxley RA studied at Harrow School of Art (1951-1956) followed by the Royal Academy Schools (1956-1960). He taught at the Royal College of Art and was appointed Professor Emeritus in 1998.

A member of the Royal Academy of Arts since being elected a Royal Academician in 1987, Paul Huxley RA acted as the Treasurer from 2000 to 2014 and served for a period as President.

Huxley has exibited in a multitude of shows nationally and internationally, including The New Generation exhibition at Whitechapetl Art Gallery in 1964 alongside Patrick Caulfield, David Hockney, John Hoyland and Bridget Riley.

Many of his students such as Dinos Chapman, Nigel Cook, Dexter Dagwood, Andrew Grassie, Tracey Emin, Chantal Joffe and Chris Ofili are now established artists contributing to the widely acclaimed new British art.

Photo: © Anne Katrin-Purkiss

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  1. Atlas by Paul Huxley RA
    Paul Huxley RA