The Art of Paper

This season, our inspiration has been the paper and all the ways you can be inventive with this versatile material. This theme has informed a specially selected range of products and books. 

Refresh Your Backdrop

Noticing your blank walls at home and thinking of acquiring artwork for the first time? Find our freshest edit of original and limited-edition works by Royal Academicians and invited artists here.

  1. Yellow Chair
    Humphrey Ocean RA
    Yellow Chair
  2. Ice Track – Baffin Island
    Barbara Rae RA
    Ice Track – Baffin Island
  3. A Buyer's Guide to Prints
    A Buyer’s Guide to Prints
  4. Zoomania by Chris Orr
    Chris Orr RA
  5. Whippy Snaggle Stack
    Elliot Dodd
    Whippy Snaggle Stack
  6. Plein Air
    Allen Jones RA
    Plein Air
  7. Glasshouse in West Dean Gardens
    Olwyn Bowey RA
    Glasshouse in West Dean Gardens
  8. Feel Good
    Adham Faramawy
    Feel Good

Shop the Spectrum: Green

On the colour spectrum between blue and yellow, this month we are going green​. In all its shades, from Olive to Emerald, indulge in green indoors and spend more time with it outdoors.

Shop our green edit >

  1. Gardeners Year
    Gardeners Year
  2. Gardening Scissors Niwaki
    Gardening Scissors Niwaki
  3. RA Edition Peter Cook RA
    RA Edition Peter Cook RA
  4. Crocodile 3D Cut Out Card
    Crocodile 3D Cut Out Card
  5. Brooch Green Bug with Dots
    Brooch Green Bug with Dots
  6. Necklace Petal Long Green
    Necklace Petal Long Green
  7. Printed Peanut Shampoo Bar
    Printed Peanut Shampoo Bar
  8. Starter gift set
    Starter gift set
  9. Pleco Bag LRG Dark Green
    Pleco Bag LRG Dark Green
  10. Pleco Bag LRG Blue Grey
    Pleco Bag LRG Blue Grey

Focus on Florals

Experience florals with every sense. See them, wear them, paint them, even taste them! Immerse yourself in this seasons most beautiful blossoms.

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In celebration of the Academy's monumental 250th anniversary, this collection takes inspiration from the RA's long history of entertaining.

  1. Amber Fleur De Lys Glass
    Amber Fleur De Lys Glass
  2. Norman Foster Dish
    Norman Foster Dish
  3. Norman Foster Carafe
    Norman Foster Carafe
  4. Norman Foster Water Glass
    Norman Foster Water Glass
  5. Calligraphy Practice Paper
    Calligraphy Pratice Paper
  6. Nib holder
    Nib holder
  7. Mixed nibs
    Mixed nibs
  8. Calligraphy Ink Copper
    Calligraphy Ink Copper
  9. Calligraphy Ink White
    Calligraphy Ink White
  10. Calligraphy Ink Rich Gold
    Calligraphy Ink Rich Gold
  11. Calligraphy Ink Rose Gold
    Calligraphy Ink Rose Gold
  12. Calligraphy Ink Pale Mint
    Calligraphy Ink Pale Mint
  13. Calligraphy Ink Iron Gall
    Calligraphy Ink Iron Gall
  14. Lear Enamel Mug
    Lear Enamel Mug