Jennifer Durrant RA

Jennifer Durrant RA

Jennifer Durrant RA is a British artist whose abstract paintings feature bands of colour in acrylic and gouche which are then overlaid with vivid dots in contrasting colours.

Artist profile

Jennifer Durrant RA studied at the Brighton College of Art from 1959 to 1963, and at the Slade School of Art from 1963 to 1966. She went on to teach part-time at a number of colleges of art in the U.K, including , for lengthy periods, St. Martins School of Art, the Royal College of Art and the Royal Academy Schools. Her work is recognised through her use of irregularly shaped circular forms, and bands of vivid and often pearlised colour, which suggest natural processes but resist definition.

Durrants work is praised for its symbolic resonance and is often discussed in terms of its spirituality. Durrant herself believes that painting can be a meditative experience. Her work is recognisable through the abstract dots and vivd bands of colour which suggest natural processes but resist definition.

Durrant is a fellow of the Royal College of Art, and was elected a Royal Academician in 1994. In London in 2008, she exhibited work from her Ghirlanda Series, images of which were used to develop a range of homeware and accessories for the RA shop.