Stephen Chambers RA

Stephen Chambers RA

Stephen Chambers RA is a British artist. His complex paintings hover between abstract and figurative, minimal and decorative, and are intended to evoke curiosity in the viewer.

Artist profile

Stephen Chambers RA trained at Central St Martin's and Chelsea School of Art in London and graduated with a Masters from Chelsea School of Art in 1983. He won many scholarships and awards, including a Rome Scholarship, a Fellowship at Winchester School of Art, and a Mark Rothko Memorial Trust Travelling Award.

Chambers has previously collaborated on three dance projects with the Royal Ballet: 'Sleeping with Audrey' (1996), 'Room of Cooks' (1997, 1999) and 'This House Will Burn' (2001). 

He was elected to the Royal Academy of Arts in 2005. In 2012, the RA Chambers' solo exhibition The Big Country was held at the RA. The show then travelled to the Pera Museum, Instanbul in 2014. Chambers also curated the print galleries of the RA's Summer Exhibition 2016.

At the 2017 Venice Biennale, Chambers staged an ambitious exhibition entitled The Court of Redonda. The installation is comprised of 101 panel portraits featuring the imaginary Redondan court - made of real people and based on achievement rather than lineage. In Chambers' vision of Redonda he has created a utopia which is inclusive, affirmative and diverse.

Photo: Richard Dawson

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