Christmas Kitchen

Find perfect presents for ‘foodie’ friends and family. Shop exclusive mugs and tea towels featuring artworks by Academicians Mary Fedden and Craigie Aitchison. Take a page out of our resident chef José Pizarro’s signed cookbooks to bring some warmth in the winter months with the joy of Spanish cooking. And find specially selected homeware, decorations and little treats to fill stockings. 

  1. Yellow Jug
    Yellow Jug
  2. Mini Enamel Utensils
    Mini Enamel Utensils
    As low as £8.75
  3. Lime Enamel Straining Spoon
    Lime Enamel Straining Spoon
  4. Orange Enamel Mixing Spoon
    Orange Enamel Mixing Spoon
  5. Plate Enamel Anthony Whishaw
    Plate Enamel Anthony Whishaw
  6. Waiter Winestopper
    Waiter Winestopper
  7. Petrol Espresso Cup
    Petrol Espresso Cup
  8. Phillip Sutton Mug
    Phillip Sutton Mug
  9. Napkin Grand Vins Blancs
    Napkin Grand Vins Blancs
  10. Chef Wise
    Chef Wise
  11. Square Mini Serving Board
    Square Mini Serving Board
  12. Mug Enamel Anthony Whishaw
    Mug Enamel Anthony Whishaw
  13. Basque SIGNED COPY
    Basque SIGNED COPY
  14. Green Ceramic Mug
    Green Ceramic Mug
  15. Blueberry Enamel Spatula
    Blueberry Enamel Spatula
  16. Yellow Ceramic Mug
    Yellow Ceramic Mug
  17. Brown Enamel Ladle
    Brown Enamel Ladle
  18. Tea Towel Sardines
    Tea Towel Sardines
  19. Small Petrol Ceramic Jug
    Small Petrol Ceramic Jug
  20. Christmas Pudding Fudge Box
    Christmas Pudding Fudge Box

Something Special

For the person who has everything, discover our specially selected artworks and accessories. Discover hand-embroidered jackets and carefully crafted jewellery, offering classic and contemporary styles, from tiny details to strong style statements, there is something for every aesthetic.

  1. Pink Quilted Abstract Jacket
    Pink Quilted Abstract Jacket
    As low as £300.00
  2. Mini Circle Drops Earrings
    Mini Circle Drops Earrings
  3. Gemstone Candle Holder
    Gemstone Candle Holder
  4. Align
    Sara Lee
  5. Small Gold Hook Earrings
    Small Gold Hook Earrings
  6. Lavender Iris Brooch
    Lavender Iris Brooch
  7. Quilted Watercolour Jacket
    Quilted Watercolour Jacket
    As low as £325.00
  8. Whale Tail Bracelet
    Whale Tail Bracelet
  9. £50 Gift Voucher
    £50 Gift Voucher
  10. Green Mix Pointillist Scarf
    Green Mix Pointillist Scarf
  11. Le Basique Gold Necklace 92XL
    Le Basique Gold Necklace 92XL
  12. Vauxhall
    Clare Woods RA
  13. Aventurine Cluster Bangle
    Aventurine Cluster Bangle
    As low as £75.00
  14. Candy, 2021
    Gary Hume RA
    Candy, 2021
  15. Skylines London by Anne Desmet RA
    Anne Desmet RA
    Skylines (London)
  16. Flowers in a Glass #6, 1947
    Flowers in a Glass #6, 1947
  17. Pink Tulle Skirt
    Pink Tulle Skirt
    As low as £65.00
  18. Couvert
    Petra Börner