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  1. White Blossom Hook Earrings
    White Blossom Hook Earrings
  2. Ambi Olive Bag
    Ambi Olive Bag
  3. Pink Tulle Skirt
    Pink Tulle Skirt
    As low as £65.00
  4. Madre' Mother's Day Card
    Madre' Mother's Day Card
  5. Coral Blossom Twist Brooch
    Coral Blossom Twist Brooch
  6. Great Women Painters
    Great Women Painters
  7. Mixed Patina Cielo Earrings
    Mixed Patina Cielo Earrings
  8. Impressionism 1974, Epic Poster
    Impressionism 1974, Epic Poster
    As low as £185.00
  9. Green Espresso Cup
    Green Espresso Cup
  10. Small Petrol Ceramic Jug
    Small Petrol Ceramic Jug
  11. Mini Hana Tan Bag
    Mini Hana Tan Bag
  12. Fringe Gold Bracelet
    Fringe Gold Bracelet
  13. Singh Twins Indigo Tote Bag
    Singh Twins Indigo Tote Bag
  14. Square Black Glasses
    Square Black Glasses
    As low as £30.00
  15. Petrol Espresso Cup
    Petrol Espresso Cup

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Clare Woods RA: Still Here

Currently on show in the Shenkman Bar, this display brings together a group of prints of still life by Clare Woods. Originating in the early phases of the lockdown, as the outside grew less recognisable, Woods’ experience of her home shifted and catalysed a reseeing of the objects housed inside.

  1. The Aerosol
    Clare Woods RA
    The Aerosol
  2. Vauxhall
    Clare Woods RA
  3. Between Before and After
    Clare Woods RA
    Between Before and After
  4. Unstable
    Clare Woods RA
  5. Flat Foot
    Clare Woods RA
    Flat Foot
  6. The Nailsea
    Clare Woods RA
    The Nailsea
  7. Rubbing Stone
    Clare Woods RA
    Rubbing Stone